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Wheeltapper in Previous Years

On this page we have added the competition winners and entries between 2006 and 2012 including:
* Wheeltapper Competition Winners
* Models for the club's Okehampton O gauge layout - see Okehampton
* Models for the club's Aylesbury P4 gauge layout - see Aylesbury
* A selection of members' models - see Members' Models

Wheeltapper Trophy 2006

In 2006, the Wheeltapper Competition was judged by Gordon and Maggie Gravett who presented the prize for best model on show to Richard Turner (left).

Richard's winning model was a 1:48 scale 16 Tonne Vertical Boiler Shay. This is a Bachmann model which has been stripped and remodelled. The cab was discarded and an open style operating platform was created using brass tube and sheet. Other added details included brake pump, tank and piping, timber rack, control gears, smoke stack, ropes and grease tubs. Heavy weathering has been applied by airbrush, washes and drybrush. The locomotive has been fitted with DCC and sound.

Wheeltapper Trophy 2007


In 2007, the Wheeltapper Competition was judged by Robin Harding who presented the prize for best model on show to Ian Gearing (left)

Ian's winning model was a O gauge Dogfish Ballast Wagon.

Wheeltapper Trophy 2008


In 2008, the Wheeltapper Competition was judged by Mick Moignard who presented the prize for best model on show to Richard Turner (left).


Wheeltapper Trophy 2009

In 2009, the Wheeltapper Competition was judged by Mick Moignard and Richard Turner who presented the prize for best model on show to Tim Peacock (left).

Tim’s winning model was an Iron Mink which was constructed from a Ratio kit with an upgraded underframe. The weathering was inspired by a photo of a Mink F in Russell's wagon book with faded GW lettering showing through.

Wheeltapper Trophy 2010

In 2010, the Wheeltapper Competition was judged by Tony Wright who presented the prize for best model on show to Richard Turner (left).

Wheeltapper Trophy 2011

In 2011, the Wheeltapper Competition was judged by Geoff Kent who presented the prize for best model on show to Mick Moignard (right).
Geoff is one of the country's finest Plastkard modellers and has a number of claims to fame. He is responsible for the wonderful model of Blakeney - exhibited at Railex a couple of years back, and is closely involved with the Retford project. He wrote the 3 Wild Swan books on how to model goods stock and has produced some wonderful road vehicles from scratch as well. These number, the Thorneycroft bus and milk lorry at Pendon.

Mick’s winning model is a D&RGW K-27 #462 in HOn3. #462 is modelled as it was at the end of its career in late summer 1949 when it was worn out from years of hauling ore, beans and potatoes on the RGS and D&RGW in southwestern Colorado. It's a reworked Mountain Models Import diecast and brass model. The rework was mostly standard brass modelling techniques, making up new or modified brass parts, pinning them into the diecast parts and attaching them with superglue. This included moving the clack valves, redoing all the steam, air and sand lines on both sides of the boiler, under the cab, and modifying the front and centre running boards. A new whistle was fabricated from rod and tube, and soldered into brass dome castings. The sand dome was embellished with the old manual sanding lever sticking out at the base, and a flanger blade - a tiny snowplough - was attached to the front truck, with the air operated lever assembly on the front deck. The tender too got various extra details, such as brake piping on the right side, and a new ladder at the rear, as well as patches on the sides. These were done with thin, smooth surfaced paper, riveted along the edges with a suitable pounce wheel and held on with thinned white glue. All the new brass details were chemically blackened before attachment to the loco, and all the work on the diecast parts were also blackened. The paint was a mixture of the original factory finish, airbrushing, with weathering by airbrush, drybrush, washes, Rustall and powders. The tender has been carefully coaled with scale size coal, and is nearly empty as it would have been at the end of the day. #462 has DCC, lights and full sound, including a synchronizer cam.

Wheeltapper Trophy 2012

In 2012, the Wheeltapper Competition was judged by Barry Norman who presented the prize for best model on show to Phil Baxendale (right),

Phil’s winning model is a model of LNER A4 Locomotive Falcon as it was in 1947 period. A photograph of the prototype on the Settle to Carlisle line during 1947 was used as a reference. The model is built from a 4mm Finney Kit to P4 gauge, and has been fitted with a Buhler motor and Ultrascale gearbox and wheels. The chassis is fully compensated. The model has been painted in LNER garter blue and weathered.


This section covers models made specifically for the club’s Okehampton O gauge layout up to 2012.

Tim Peacock's Ex GWR Loco Coal Wagon. An O gauge wagon built from a Parkside kit.

David Powell’s 12 ton 8 Plank Open Wagon. An O gauge Ex-Southern Railway 12 ton 8 Plank Open Wagon in early BR unfitted freight stock livery (grey body and black underframe), built 'out of the box' from Okehampton Parkside Dundas Wagon Kit, weathered as per fellow club member Richard Turner and additional weathering colours as suggested by Martin Welsh in his Art of Weathering.

Parkside Dundas plastic kit built in 1 week. The load is removable, even though it is probably not the sort that it would have carried at the time. The model is lightly weathered.

GWR 13t Open Wagon Goods Wagon made from a Parkside Dundas Kit

James Aitken's 7 Plank Coal Wagons

James Aitken's Milk Tanker.

GWR Brown Vehicle dia 08 'Syphon C' in O Gauge. This was built from a Scorpio Models etched brass kit. During construction Russ Burridge lent Adrian some documentation on the Syphon vehicles, which described them as having been used for many years to distribute products from Harris's Bacon factory in Calne. As they were Adrian’s employer one summer it seemed a good idea to attach the appropriate labels carried when in this use. These are home-made, and have stretched a geographical point to suggest that the modelled vehicle could have run through Okehampton.

Michael Lane's model of a concrete hut at Okehampton complete with interior

1:43 whitemetal pigs painted in acrylics. The breed is “large white. it took some time to identify the breed as the manufacturer does not specify (they are just pigs) but each breed does have a different shape.

1:43 Three people for Okehampton: Station Master, passenger and workman. Whitemetal castings from Dart Castings, painted in acrylics. The Station Master did need his watch reduced in size as it was as big as a plate!


The club’s Aylesbury P4 Scale Layout was started in 2012 so there aren’t all that many models that were made for it at that date. The following have been completed:

David Lane's Grounded Met Coach Body Laser cut from paper and card from his own artwork, five layers per side to form beading, droplights panels, and the internal side that the glazing fits into.

David Lane's Aylesbury Town Engine Shed. Scratch built from his own artwork in laser cut Rowmark.

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