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Wheeltapper Competition 2021

Covid19 restrictions were still in place in early 2021 which banned socialising so it was not possible to run the 2021 Wheeltapper Competition in person. Rob Thompson and Tim Peacock organised a remote competition where club members were invited to send in photographs of their recent models as competition entries. The competition was remotely judged by Jerry Clifford of Missenden Modellers who now earns a living as a professional model maker as well as writing for the model press.

Steam Locomotives

The winner of the Steam Locomotives competition was Mick Moignard for his HO scale D&RGW #271 locomotive. This model was also awarded the Wheeltapper Trophy as the best model in 2021.

Diesel & Electric Locomotives

The winner of the Diesel & Electric Locomotives competition was Tim Peacock for his EM Gauge ex-GWR Parcels railcar.

Coaching Stock and NPCS

The winner of the Coaching Stock and NPCS competition was Tim Peacock with an EM Gauge Siphon G.

Freight and Engineers Stock

The winner of the Freight and Engineers Stock category was Tim Peacock for his Crocodile H to EM gauge.

Road Vehicles, Boats, People, Animals etc

The winner of The Robbie Robinson Award for road vehicles, boats, people, and animals was Paul Wright for his O-scale coal cart.

Scenic Models: Buildings, Trees, Signals etc

The winner of The Jack Cline Trophy for Scenic Models: Buildings, Trees and Signals was Tim Peacock for his 4mm scale banner repeater signal.

Dioramas & Figurines

The winner of the Dioramas & Figurines category was Tim Peacock for his 4mm scale diorama of a P-way depot.

Okehampton 7mm Wagon Project

The winner of the Derek Turner Trophy for the Okehampton 7mm Wagon Project was Gary Day for his 16ton mineral wagon.

Aylesbury Town 4mm Model Project

The winner of the Robin Lane Memorial Trophy for the best Aylesbury Town 4mm Model was Roy Norton for his bracket signal, which was also awarded the Chairman's Cup.

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