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Pendennis Trophy

The Pendennis Trophy was established in 2018 and has been awarded four times so far.


pendennis_2021.jpg John Hipwell and Roger Noble were awarded the Pendennis Trophy in 2021 for all their hard work on the virtual Railex show the club ran and the new website.


Tim Peacock was awarded the Pendennis Trophy in 2020 for all the work he has put in as past President of the club.


Peter Joels was awarded the Pendennis Trophy in 2019 for being the long time organiser of the club's Risborough Venturer outings.


Gary Day was awarded the Pendennis Trophy in 2018 for the extensive and time consuming work involved in organising the surveys and putting the planning application together for the new building, making the Club video and generally supporting the Club e.g. by storing layout boards in his garage.

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