Wheeltapper 2007

Second in Scenic Models

Mick Moignard's Ridgway Sand House

Ridgway, Col, was at the northern end of the Rio Grande Southern and junction with the D&RGW Ocray branch. At Ridgway was the RGS Shops and main engine terminal. A constant supply of fine, dry and filtered sand was required to ensure that locos where as ready as they could be to tackle the 4% (1 in 25) grades south to Dallas Divide and beyond.
The model is an updated and redetailed Branta laser-cut kit, and has been made up as a mini- diorama as the prototype was in around 1949, before the sand bin collapsed. The kit has been carefully painted to match available colour photos, including the damaged tar paper roof, the now unused return sand chute propped up on an oil drum, and the old and cut off sand delivery pipe. Weeds and bushes are growing at the far end of the bin, as less sand is required for the fading steam freight service.