Wheeltapper 2007

First in Diesel/Electric Locomotives Non UK

Richard Turner's Buick Rail-Truck 1/4 inch Scale

The rail-truck started life as a Bachmann R-T-R model. The rear of the vehicle was stripped and the electronics board and wiring removed so that the new DZ143 chip could be installed in a smaller space under the workshop racking. The truck has working head and tail lights. The workshop is scratch built plywood and bass wood that has been pre stained, built to look crooked and weathered. Detail parts are a combination of scratch built castings from Grant Line and S&D Models, painted and weathered prior to installation. The canvas is standard printer paper that has been crumpled and rolled in the hand to destroy the finish and make it supple which then accepts a wash of paint. The cab and chassis have been re-sprayed and give a liberal grimy wash before dry-brushing.