Wheeltapper Competition 2008

The Wheeltapper is broken down in to many Categories:

1. Steam Locomotives UK
2. Steam Locomotives non UK
3. Diesel/Electric Locomotives UK
4. Diesel/Electric Locomotives Non UK
5. Passenger/Non-Passenger Coaching Stock UK
6. Passenger/Non-Passenger Coaching Stock Non UK
7. Freight and Engineers Stock UK
8. Freight and Engineers Stock non UK
9. Road Vehicles, Boats, People, Animals etc THE ROBBIE ROBINSON AWARD
10. Scenic Models: Buildings, Trees, Signals etc THE JACK KINE TROPHY

The Wheeltapper Trophy will be awarded to the best model out of all the above classes.

The Wheeltapper Competition this year was held on Friday the 1st of February. When Mick Moignard came along to Judge the models on show and then to come up with the overall winner.

Richard Turner (left) receiving the Wheeltapper Trophy from Mick Moignard.

Photographs, by Donald Rintoul
Below are a seletion of models that were entered by other club members for the competition.

Robbie Robinson Award
Jack Kine Trophy