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Base Boards:

Photographs by Pete Joels & Paul Wright

The boards are designed on a CAD program so that all the dimensions can be accurately calculated. The 9mm birch ply is the accurately cut using jigs to provide a kit of parts which can be quickly assembled. The boards are built in sets of four to ensure that they match in size and shape. The layout is an oval shape so all the boars are different shapes and sizes to form the curve. Ply wedges are fitted into the corners to ensure the sides line up correctly. This is easier that machining softwood blocks of the correct angle. These blocks of four boards are then separated when the glue has sent and the wedges cut of flush with the outside. As this stage the boards are quite flexible but will be filled with large sheets of Styrofoam (an extruded polystyrene not expanded polystyrene) to give a rigid (but lightweight) surface for the scenic areas. Track beds are made from a ply construction to ensure they cannot move under the weight of the trains.

A kit of parts for one of the boards ready for assembly.

James assembling one of the boards for Okehampton.

A close up of how the board joints are fixed.

A completed board frame.

Pete and James with some of the Okehampton boards spread on the Carrington room floor.

Pete fixing the track bed in place.

One of the scenic break boards, showing the Torrs Road bridge.

Boards on transport trolley, which make getting them out on a club night very easy.