FestiRail 2018 Model Railway Exhibition Pictures

Pictures of what was going on during our FestiRail 2018 on Saturday the 7th of July. Pictures were taken by Anthony Mead unless stated otherwise.

A general view of the main hall, Okehampton on the left and Aylesbury LNWR on the right.

Okehampton, the complete scenic section of all 10 boards being put through its paces.

A view of Aylesbury LNWR taken from the station end.

A view showing the whole of the Aylesbury Town project.

Another view of Aylesbury Town, with a Hymek rumbling through on the newly laid hand built ballasted track.

The station end of Alan Paley's Loughborough Road.

The engine shed end of Alan Paley's Loughborough Road.

Ottilies by Andrew Hicks this is a double sided layout, this picture is of the City station side.

Ottilies by Andrew Hicks, this picture is of the Countryside station side.

The Mayor of Princes Risborough Matthew Walsh gets to grip with the Shunting Puzzle.