Chiltern Parkway

Photographs, by Paul Wright

Chiltern Parkway depicts an intersection between an established mainline and a newly built continental line. As the name suggests it is set in the Chilterns and uses a number of local features to give a realistic setting. The Aylesbury canal runs along the rear of the rail lines. Buildings have been "borrowed" from Bulbourne BWB workshops and relocated to Marsworth. The Chilterns escarpment forms the scenery to the right of the layout with its characteristic woodland hillside. The modern station to the left hand end forms a transport interchange between the trains and the local bus services.
Set in the late 90's there is a variety of passenger and freight stock, both diesel and electric. Both class 66 and 92 are present as well as the older classes of loco. The continental mainline has the Eurostar, TGV, ICE2 and high speed UK trains. EWS livery locos are present but do not dominate as many BR liveries are still to be seen.
Stock is a mixture of Graham Farish, CJM, N-thusiast resprays, N gauge society, Roco, Kato, Minitrix and Fleishmann.

Class 158
Class 31 and hoppers
Class 31 and 66
Class 66507
Class 66 and 92
66507 and 66002
Canal and Workshops
Lock Keepers Cottage
Restored working boats
A holiday boat
Track Plan