Aylesbury Town Point Building

Construction by Various Club Members
Photos by Paul Wright and Anthony Mead

In February a Modelling Workshop was run by a couple of our members where coppperclad points where constructed by a number of Club members that would be used in the fiddle yard, as there was not enough time in the workshop to produce all the points that was need, this then continued over a number of Club nights until the task reached its conclusion.

Checking the fit of a rail as it is filed with one of the jigs made for the course

Marking the copperclad for sleeper length.

Cutting the sleeper with Xuron track cutters

Attaching the sleepers with double sided tape

The first stock rail soldered in place

The crossing V soldered in place, with checking for point blade

Soldering second point blade

Another view of soldering second point blade

Just the second stock rail to be soldered in place

Completed Point